Project Management


Define the project

Make sure you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it before you start
What? Conduct study
Start! Initiate
Answers to these questions will help you determine whether to go ahead with the project
What? Who? How? When? Should?
Problem Is? Stakeholders? Exists because? Started? Critical?
Plan Deliverables? Skills needed? Decision points? Period? Crucial milestones?
Budget Resources? Responsible? Company budget? Exhaust? ROI?
Implement Solutions? Carried out by? What order? Deadlines? Best solution?
Closure Measurements? Hand over to? Formalities? Delivery date? Further development?

Pilot study

Write a report

  1. Background analysis
  2. Identify stakeholders (map)
  3. Formulate S.M.A.R.T. goal and objectives
  4. Analyse current situation with SWOT analysis
  5. Define scope through brainstorm and WBS
  6. Establish and describe requirements
    • Project requirements: How do we work?
    • Product requirements: What is the end result?
      • Functional requirements: What should the product do?
      • Non-Functional requirements: What expectations should the product meet?
    • Rank requirements with MuSCoW and prioritise
    • Create use-cases
  7. Analyse profitability (ABCD gives ROI)
  8. Propose solutions aided by the Project Triangle
  9. Sketch out a rough plan and define milestones


Choose development method

  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Agile

Outline the project

  1. Draw a Gantt chart
  2. Manage risks
    • Identify risks through brainstorming or experience
    • Conduct a Risk Evaluation
    • Plan for actions
      • Choose Risk Strategy
      • Adequate for the level of risk
      • Cost-effective, realistic, accepted and approved
      • Plan the right time


Review and approve

  • Answers to questions of initiation phase
  • Documentation generated from pilot study
  • Plans and schedules created in planning phase