Producer:  Dan Ekström A short about a young man on his way to bury his dog but starts reminiscing old times. Autumn 2007.
Director:  Anton Axelsson
DoP:  Robert Johansson
Scenography & continuity:  Petter Sellerstrand-Kempe

Music video

Producer:  Walter Hultman Music video for the song 'Mr Birkenstock' with Straight To Nowhere. Summer 2008.
Director:  Anton Axelsson
DoP:  Robert Johansson / Johan Jonsson


Director:  Anton Axelsson Advert for Mela Revolution AB (www.mela.se) made with After Effects. Drawings made in Illustrator
Producer:  Walter Hultman Advert for Åbro. Spring 2007.
Director:  Anton Axelsson


Director:  Anton Axelsson Motion-stop-animation with lego.